Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Implementation of Drivers using .SYS files

  1. Some drivers are unsigned and do not have any .inf file for installation. In this case the drivers are implemented through .sys files.
  2. These drivers can be seen in Device Manager by clicking show hidden drivers.
  3. Most of the times one can see the hidden drivers under non plug and play drivers tab
  4. To implement these drivers within the MSI, use the registry values under

<drivername> in many cases will be the .sys file name.

Include these registries in the MSI. System needs reboot after installing the MSI. After reboot these drivers will get configured by themselves.
Example: To implement VPN-1 SecureClient Adapter, the registries that are included in the package are shown below:


 As per as my experience of repackaging a  .sys files involved a custom action to run in system context to start the corrseponding service offered by the driver file as:

create and start a service that runs the .sys driver

sc create npf binPath= system32\drivers\<filename>.sys type= kernel start= auto error= normal tag= no DisplayName= "<DisplayName>"

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