Monday, November 07, 2011

ODBC tables and Actions, ODBC data installtion method in MSI

What is ODBC?

Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) refers to a software API method for using database management systems (DBMS). ODBC was created so as to be independent of programming languages or operational systems and offers access to different database systems. The standard ODBC consists of an ODBC core and the respective specific ODBC database drivers. The core, also known as Driver manager, is independent of the database and
acts as an interpreter between the application and the database drivers. The database drivers, on the other hand, contain DBMS-specific details and offer a mechanism for connecting with different ODBS-enabled database systems.

ODBC Actions:
  • InstallODBC Action : The InstallODBC action installs the drivers, translators, and data sources in the ODBCDriver table, ODBCTranslator table, and ODBCDataSource table. If a driver or translator already exists, the InstallODBC action makes SQL calls necessary to carry out the installation.
  • SetODBCFolders Action : The SetODBCFolders action checks for existing ODBC drivers on the system and sets the target directory of each new driver to the location of an  existing driver.
  • RemoveODBC Action : The RemoveODBC action removes the data sources, translators, and drivers listed for removal during the installation. This action queries the ODBCDataSource table, ODBCTranslator table, and ODBCDriver table for each data source, translator, or driver scheduled for removal.

ODBC Tables:

  • ODBCDriver Table : The ODBCDriver table lists the ODBC drivers belonging to the installation.
  • ODBCTranslator Table : The ODBCTranslator table lists the ODBC translators belonging to the installation.
  • ODBCAttribute Table : The ODBCAttribute table contains information about the attributes of Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) drivers and translators.
  • ODBCDataSource Table : The ODBCDataSource table lists the data sources belonging to the installation.
  • ODBCSourceAttribute Table  : The ODBCSourceAttribute table contains information about the attributes of data sources.
Two Methods to install ODBC Data in MSI :

Method 1: Editing ODBC registries

Capture all the registries changes made by the Source application if the ODBC connection is manually done. The ODBC registry settings hive is HKLM\Software\Microsoft\ODBC registry hive.There is small chance of some files getting captured, you should include any file if newly created or changed.

Method 2: Editing ODBC tables

 Standard ODBC tables whic are discussed above can be used to make corresponding entr for ODBC data.

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