Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Application Virtualization Basics & APP-V Architecture

Here I will discuss what is application virtualization, its advantages, infrastructure, architecture, design flow, models. Here I won’t discuss of setting up a virtualization infrastructure since it requires a dedicated approach via online or classroom training but questions are welcome.

Application Virtualization makes it possible to available the application to the end user in a managed way without actually installing the application on the end user machines and no conflicts with other applications. 

This virtualized application can be easily managed similar to centralize services and complete support can be given throughout the application life-cycle management in terms of installation, execution and uninstallation.

We see there are challenges in IT work environment in terms of end users and IT professionals. Some challenges are alike users based at different geographical locations, not connected to corporate network all the time, different user languages. To overcome this challenges by IT professionals in terms of fast service provision to end users that is reliable and flexible thus enabling responsible and responsive business delivery and satisfactory end user feedback, Microsoft Application Virtualization (APP-V) comes into picture to help overcome this challenges and providing key benefits as listed below:

1/ An integrated platform
2/ Flexible virtualization
3/ Powerful management of virtualized applications
4/ App-V integrates with System Center Configuration Manager

Real Application Management Challenges

Managing software’s across various organization is a very big task and time-consuming. There are 2 types of key challenges, one is application life cycle management and second is deploying applications to multiple environments [Thick (Desktop), Thin (Stripped down OS), Net (Mobile) & zero client (Everything running on servers)]

APP-V Architecture

Below is a APP-V architecture.(it can be breakdown into models as listed below as per the requirement of the Project/Infrastructure)

If you already have done MSI packaging you will notice one small key difference here in the process of delivering virtualized applications to users is composed of two steps:
The first step involves publishing the application, consisting of delivering the shortcuts and file type associations, package definition information, and content source location to each computer with the App-V client installed.
In the second part, the packaged virtual applications are deployed to the workstation or terminal server. Alternatively, in an MSI deployment, the publishing information and deployment are combined in a single step.

App-V provides three methods for deploying application virtualization:

Option 1: Standalone Model via sequencing and client
Allows virtual applications to be MSI-enabled for distribution without streaming.

Option 2: Streaming Model using the native streaming capabilities of App-V
Offers application streaming without requiring Active Directory or a database, and enables administrators to stream from existing servers or via System Center Configuration Manager 2007 SP1 with R2 distribution points.

Option 3: Full Infrastructure Model provides software distribution, management, and reporting capabilities (includes application streaming)
Provides for built-in software distribution, management, and reporting capabilities; it also includes application streaming.


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