Innovative Application Packaging Cloud

Innovative Application Packaging Cloud
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Friday, November 21, 2014

Virtualization Technologies

So finally after Spending long hours on demonstrating and looking forward to virtualization technology, i have decided to post several virtualization topics, cloud computing basics and advanced workarounds such as Hypervisor basics, HyperV, VMware ESXi VSphere, Citrix Xen Technologies, Virtual packaging and so on.
Before going into various technologies there listed, let us first have a blue print of what we will cover throughout the so many virtualization technologies.Here i will first discuss the Application virtualization

What is Virtualization?
Virtualization is the running of multiple Operating Systems and applications on a single physical server at the same time.
Need of Virtualization Technology
1)      Improving key data center process such as Business continuity (BC) & High Availability (HA).
2)      Improving & providing cost savings, flexibility & disaster recovery options critical to success.
3)      Optimizations of servers, applications, desktops & users.
4)      Generate enormous computing power to handle a greater number of tasks while achieving energy, hardware, and management savings.
5)      Virtualization offers levels of efficiency in security, management, automation, and VM deployment as well as the ability to provide increased resources to more users. Across the board, virtualization allows enterprises and SMBs to reduce the number of physical machines in their data centers while maximizing the number of underlying applications.
Advantages of Virtualization
* Energy efficiency
* Improved server utilization:
* Architecture control:
* Automation

Different Vendors of Virtualization Technologies(Specific to Application Virtualization)

Market Virtualization Technologies

Microsoft APP-V
VMware Thin App
Symantec Endpoint Virtualization Solution
Citrix App Streaming
Virtualization Characteristics
The Solution is capable to fully virtualize/isolate Applications

Application is delivered in a very efficient way, quick up-and running.
Stream only data which is needed to start application.
Desktop and/or Laptop Online

Application characteristics
Files & Registry Virtualization
Application delivery using (streaming) HTTP/S protocol

End user experience

Full Windows Explorer context menu integration

Supported Client Platforms

Windows 7  etc
Licensing Model of Solution

Solution in General
Doesn’t require a clean OS during packaging process



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